Licensed Fifa Match Agent. We guarantee full service about football friendly games and training camps.

Our Services

Friendly Matches

We set up, organize and commercially manage friendly matches for national teams and professional football clubs worldwide.

Match Intermediation

We help clubs & national teams to deal with invitations to take part in friendly matches. We help organizers of friendly matches find hosted teams.

Training Camps & Tours

We organize training camps for clubs and national teams worldwide, and set up friendly matches in the chosen locations.

TV & Marketing Rights

We provide assistance to organizers of friendlies to build their project and help sell worldwide Tv & Marketing Rights for their events.

TV Production

We plan, set up and manage TV Production of friendly matches, including on-site exploitation and coordination with TV rights holders.

Merchandising & Licensing

We design and produce merchandising lines (clothes, souvenirs, etc) on behalf of the organizers of friendly matches, as well as of participating teams.

Why us?

French culture + 30 years experience in Italy: we got the tools

The human brain is composed of two hemispheres which fulfil complementary functions: the left side deals with the logical/rational thinking modality, the right side with the intuitive modality. Our team is like a Maracuja, which is the Brazilian name for passion fruit, a symbol of our philosophy. The Maracuja flower, with its vibrant and contrasted colours, stands for the left hemisphere of the brain: professionalism, seriousness, precision, and respect. The Maracuja fruit symbolizes the right hemisphere of the brain: passion, creativity, innovation, and flexibility.

For 30 years, Thierry Cros and his teams have been operating in football with a 360° vision of the business.

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